I am a long time trainer, (with a Masters Degree in Education), University ETutor in Teacher Education, in the Psychology of Education Department, (Life Orientation) and teacher in varied contexts, including skills training, corporate training, mindfulness and life purpose trainingtutoring and English teaching online and face-to-face. Join me for fun classes on Skype and quickly improve your English conversation skills. I have taught more than 1 000 students online in four years.

To read more visit my LinkedIn profile or you can read more about me on my Meaning and Mindfulness page. Read more testimonials on Meaning and Mindfulness.

carol lighthouse beach kommetjie



Thank you Carol it is because of you that I have changed my life. For the first time I could confidently hold a conversation in English with my international colleagues. Carlos Large International IT Company, Spain.

Carlos Large International IT Company, Spain.

I would like to thank you Carol for all your help. I got my promotion and passed my Government English exam.

Government Roads Engineer, Spain.

Thank you Carol, my Conference presentation on Japanese Meiji Art went well. Thanks for all your help.

Japanese lecturer from a University in Germany.

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  1. hello guys i wanna be part of this learning thing … but i cant found anoghe infos aboit who can i contact her .. help me if u can

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